About me

Ahoy! Let me introduce myself. My name is Marlow Galloway. I’ve been sailing and boating now for over 50 years. I’ve owned over 20…d in some of the most exciting placing this earth has to offer. I’m also a licensed professional Captain and have taught sailing, relocated yachts, and worked on adventure cruise ships up in Alaska. One thing I’ve learned with all that experience is that if you love and take care of your boat(s), they will take care of you! So, know that my current boats, a Corsair F24 Trimaran and SUNCHASER Luxurious Pontoon are both in top condition and ready to provide you with one of the most exciting boating experiences you’ve ever had. If you’ve never sailed on a trimaran, you’re in for a treat! Trimarans are FAST, but also very stable with a slight healing angle, and very easy to sail. If your just wanting to relax with friends on the water and see the sights, then OHANA our luxury pontoon boat is for you. Contact me with any questions you may have and schedule your booking today! I’m looking forward to boating with you! –Captain Marlow